About us

Bazzica Group: we were born to innovate, it is in our nature.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the transformation of expanded polymers and in the design and construction of machines and automations for the transformation of the aforementioned materials. With Bazzica Engineering Srl our ability to create automations has extended to all industrial fields. We are convinced supporters of intelligent robotics, which we carry out thanks to numerous multidisciplinary skills that allow us to build concrete solutions to real problems. R2S system was born according to this spirit.
We have designed it to help fight infections, especially those contracted in a hospital setting.
Unfortunately, during the last few years, the often incorrect use of disinfection systems based on chemical agents, together with sometimes excessive antibiotic therapies, have led to the development of resistant pathogenic microorganisms, very difficult to defeat.
According to data published by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, in Italy there are more than half a million patients who are hospitalized each year to cure one disease and are faced with another contracted in a hospital. Between 5 and 8 percent of patients are victims of an infection contracted during their hospital stay and between 4500 and 8000 deaths can be attributed to this cause each year.
Not only in the hospital setting, but also in many workplaces, the disinfection procedure is one of the most important safety measures in terms of health protection and it is an integral part of any activity that involves exposure, even if only potential , to biological agents.
Starting from this overview, we decided to take advantage of our skills in the field of robotics to create an effective disinfection device capable of performing its task without using chemicals, preferring to these compounds the germicidal UV-C light.
As known, UV-C light has the power to alter the molecular bonds of the DNA / RNA of microorganisms making them inactive, incapable of completing their life cycle with replication. If it is true that exposure to UV-C light is dangerous both for microorganisms and for humans ... the same thing does not apply to the robotic system that makes R2S move, allowing it to carry UV-C light with autonomous movements even in shaded places, so as to obtain an effective disinfection of the surfaces, without risking the development of resistant pathogenic microorganisms.